The discussion has different angles.

We can all do our part to be better informed.

For me, pipelines are a way to build our city and help ensure our young people can work right here at home.

Judith Mackin
Saint John, NB

There will be critics,

but I welcome that – it helps us to be better.

I don’t separate environmental responsibility and economic growth. You can’t have one without the other. There has to be equilibrium. Where we can, we should reduce our environmental footprint.

André Brunelle
Montreal, QC

If we agree to develop our natural resources

then let's make sure they are developed with the least impact and the most benefit.

Canada is rich in natural resources. Development of those resources drives our economy. These resources belong to all Canadians and it is our joint responsibility to ensure they are developed for the benefit of all in the most environmentally and fiscally responsible manner.

Barbara B. Pike

It's time to focus

on how we responsibly move our resources to market.

It’s become increasingly apparent that pipelines are probably the most important cog in Canada’s energy infrastructure. Pipelines criss-cross our nation. Most people aren’t event aware that they are there.

Adam Legge
Calgary, AB

We incur a certain amount of risk,

because it can be managed.

I would hate to see anything happen that would diminish the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. At the same time, I sleep well at night knowing that there are safeguards in place that work incredibly well to reduce the risk of pipeline-related incidents.

Michael Ervin
Calgary, AB

Are pipelines infallible?

No. But they are safe and proven.

Energy is such a big economic driver, we can't ignore it. At the same time, we need to move forward with a full understanding that we also need to protect the environment. The choice is not one or the other. I think we can and must do both.

Brian Lacey
Edmonton, AB